Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology to Save Your Smartphone

Our mobile phone repair experts at Bolt Mobile can take your water damaged phone and bring it back to life! How do we do it? Not a bag of rice. That’s a myth. We use ultrasonic cleaning technology to break down the corrosion caused by liquid damage. So whether you have dropped your phone in the toilet or your kid spilled his juice all over your phone, your best chance to bring your cell back to life is to use ultrasound waves to remove the contaminating particles. Sounds complex, right? That’s where we come in.

When your phone somersaults into the bath or tumbles around your washer, you’ll need a quick solution. When water fills the lungs of your cherished mobile phone, it will leave you weeping over a soggy, lifeless metal carcass. Don’t panic. Keep these tips in mind for your best chance to breathe life back into your drowned mobile device.

First off, if your device is water damaged, don’t turn it on. This is the #1 phone killer. By trying to turn on your phone after it took a dip in the lake, you could cause serious damage and it could be the beginning of the end for your device. If your phone is wet inside and you try to turn it on, there is a good chance you permanently damage your phone. By firing it up, it may short out the connections inside your phone. Don’t risk it.

Secondly, don’t whip out your hair dryer and blast your phone with heat. It may seem like a logical way to evaporate all the moisture but you also risk your phone from becoming too hot and causing damage to other components. In cases where your phone is underwater for a long period of time, the steam created from applying heat may not be able to fully ventilate and would simply condense again elsewhere in your phone. You may get away with it but again, don’t take the risk. Your phone is an expensive little piece of equipment.

Another thing people do is stick their phone in a freezer, wrapped in paper towel to prevent frost damage. The idea around this is to use the freezing temperatures to reduce the conductivity of water which will stop your phone from short circuiting when in use. It’s not a long-term solution. Once the ice begins to thaw, you’re left with the same issue – maybe worse. You will probably end up ruining your screen in the process!

If you think your phone just took a super quick dip in the shallow end, you may get away with drying your phone on the exterior alone. You would want to make sure you focus on the headphone jack (if you have one) and the USB port. We have heard of people wrapping a tooth pick with paper towel and gently moving it around your ports. This is a little iffy given that you could leave soggy paper stuck inside your phone which could wreak havoc on its guts over time.

Now if you’re thinking you can simply use a microwave to dry out of your phone. Don’t do it. No. Never. Just don’t. 

If you do succeed in reviving your phone, then big congrats to you. But water damage is like fighting against zombies in The Walking Dead. You think you got them and then they come back to fight again. The metal within your phone coming into contact with water, oxygen and other minerals may create rust that will corrode over time. There is only one way to do this right and that’s at Bolt Mobile with our ultrasonic cleaning technology. We have a 80% success rate and the cost is only $99. In cases where you’re phone has flat-lined and there is nothing we can do to bring it back, we discount it to only $49. Definitely worth the money given the investment you made to purchase the phone.

So how does this all work?

Step #1

You bring your phone into any of our four Bolt Mobile locations in Saskatoon. We’re a SaskTel Authorized Dealer and we specialize in phones, batteries and accessories. Bring it in as soon as you can as the sooner we can get it taken apart and into the ultrasonic cleaning chamber, the better.

Step #2

We carefully take apart your phone while cleaning the components along the way. We inspect all the parts to ensure we look at all angles.

Step #3

We place your main circuit board in the ultrasonic cleaner and let the sound waves do their job. It’s impressive.

Step #4

We go through an extensive drying process that takes 2-3 days to ensure everything is bone dry. It’s critical not to jump the gun on this step.

Step #5

We assemble the phone again, using all the original components and we fire it back up. Fingers crossed.

The whole process takes approximately 5-7 days to complete but don’t worry, we can provide you with a loaner phone to bridge the gap. We know you can’t be without a phone for a week. That would just be ludicrous.

Bottom line is don’t risk it. Rice doesn’t work. If you dunked your phone in water, don’t turn it on. Bring it in right away and let’s do it right the first time. Your phone is your baby and at Bolt Mobile, we’re your phone repair experts in Saskatoon.

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