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Fast and Reliable Repair Services

We get it. Nomophobia is a thing and just like you, we suffer from it too. The anxiety from being without your phone is real. That's why our phone and tablet repair services are fast, reliable and competitively priced.

Did you know that the average student would rather lose his/her pinky finger than their smartphone? Crazy eh!

Accidents happen. If you smashed your phone screen or dropped your smartphone in the toilet, come see us at one of our four locations. It doesn’t mean you have to send your phone away for six weeks. We are here to help you. Our team of skilled and authorized technicians will get it back in your hands faster than a strike of lightning. Okay maybe not that fast!

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Quality Service

We take pride in quality customer service - it's why people in Saskatchewan choose Bolt! It may sound cliche but we’re happy when you’re happy. Our friendly repair techs go above and beyond to ensure the best experience possible.

Quick Turnaround

Our customers say we’re lightning fast and we won’t argue with that. We work efficiently to ensure you have your smartphone back in your hands as soon as possible. Keep in mind, some repairs do take more time depending on the issue, parts inventory, and the warranty on your device.

Website Photo Elements - Bolt Mobile - 768 x 600 - Repairing Phone
Website Photo Elements - Bolt Mobile - 768 x 600 - Repairing Smartphone

Competitive Prices

We offer competitive pricing on all smartphone and tablet repair services from smashed screens and water damage to hardware issues and broken buttons. Contact us today for a free quote. Reach out to us at 306-668-4653.

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