Early Device Upgrade

Early Device Upgrade program

Get the device you want, when you want it. No more waiting. Trade-in your smartphone today for up to $500 towards an early upgrade, a new phone or anything else you want in-store. Bring your phone to any of our 4 Bolt Mobile stores in Saskatoon.

We made it super easy. Just 3 simple steps.

  1. Get in Touch
    Call 1-800-387-6937 or visit one of our four stores in Saskatoon
  2. Pay Your Balance
    Pay the balance on your current device
  3. Get a New Phone
    Get your hands on the phone that will make your friends super jealous

If you’re on a two-year wireless plan with SaskTel, you’re eligible.

Find out your early upgrade device balance by texting “Upgrade” to 43383


Let's show you how it works!

You have an early upgrade fee of $72.50

The cost of your new phone on a two-year contract is $299.99

Your in-store credit for your current phone is $275.00*

Total cost for you to upgrade today is $97.49

Your discount of $600 is deducted in equal amounts over the 24 months of your contract. Let’s say you have 3 months left on your current contract and wanted to upgrade to a brand new device, you would simply need to pay out the remainder of the discounted balance, which would be $75 ($25 x 3 months).

Now you’re eligible for the discounted price on a new phone!

*The discount balance is non-refundable. Customers must be on a two-year contract.

Here is the simple equation to remember:

Early Device Upgrade Fee = Discount amount / # of months in the contract X number of months remaining on the contract.

* The value of the device being traded in varies based on type and condition and is determined by an aftermarket company. Credits may only be used at the time of trade in. Device value cannot be paid in cash or transferred. Credit may only be used on the purchase of a new device, accessories, upgrade fee and Early Device Upgrade Fees. Client is responsible for clearing device content and deactivating any accounts. One trade-in per new device sold. All trade-ins are final and cannot be returned.

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