Trade in your smartphone and get up to $250 in credit to use at any of our Bolt Mobile stores in Saskatoon.

This credit can be used towards an early upgrade fee, a new phone, fancy accessories…the sky is the limit.

Trade-in values are determined based on the phone model and the condition.

Okay, but seriously, how does this work?

Example 1

Your early upgrade fee$242.50
Cost of your new phone on a 2 year contract$129.99
In-store credit for your current phone$190.00
Total cost to upgrade$182.49 plus taxes and fees

Example 2

Your early upgrade fee$187.00
Cost of your new phone on a 2 year contract$99.00
In-store credit for your current phone$250.00
Total cost to upgrade$36.99 plus taxes and fees


The value of the device being traded in is determined by an aftermarket company, the device type and the condition it is in. Credits may only be used at the time of trade in. There is no cash value and is not transferable. Credit may only be used on the purchase of a new device, accessories, upgrade fee and Early Device Upgrade Fees. Customers are responsible to clear the device content and ensure it has been deactivated from any accounts. One trade-in per new device sold. All trade-ins are final and cannot be returned.

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