Upgrade Your Phone with SaskTel Fast Forward Pricing

Everyone loves “upgrade time” as you can get into a new phone without having to pay an early upgrade fee to get your hands on the best new smartphones to hit the market. It’s about the one year mark of your contract where you start getting antsy as you see all your friends grab the new phone that was just released. That being said, SaskTel is changing the game with the launch of Fast Forward pricing.

The new program, unique among major Canadian carriers, allows people in Saskatchewan to purchase their device (select devices only) on any two year voice and data contract, but upgrade to the latest and greatest phone in one year, without paying the balance of the device – as long as they return their previously purchased phone in good working condition. The upgrade must take place between 13-18 months after the purchase.

There is also a limited time frame for a phone eligibility on the program after it becomes available. How long? 6 months. Once 6 months hits, the fast forward pricing will no longer be available for that phone.

If you’re on Fast Forward pricing and you decide it’s time to upgrade, you you can decide if you would like to do the whole thing over again the next year and remain on Fast Forward pricing, or you can select another pricing term option.

To use the “Fast Forward” pricing option, customers must also pay a $3 monthly “participation fee” for as long as you’re an active Fast Forward customer. This fee will appear on your wireless bill. If you don’t return your device within the return period or choose not to purchase a new phone on Fast Forward at time of upgrade this fee will no longer apply.

The program is not available over the phone or online at boltmobile.ca. You must visit one of our 4 Bolt Mobile stores in Saskatoon. We’re your SaskTel Authorized Dealer.

Now what happens if you’re on Fast Forward but fail to return the old phone within the return period or if it’s not in good working condition? You will be charged the full payback amount, equal to the discount you received when you first purchase the phone – exactly one day after the return period ends. Don’t worry though, to make sure the charge doesn’t catch you by surprise, SaskTel will send text message reminders.

A program like this isn’t brand new to the industry as there have been other successful programs south of the border. But it is new to Canada and Saskatchewan in specific and our mobile expert at Bolt Mobile are excited to help you when you’re looking for a new phone!

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