SaskTel Rate Plans

Unlimited Plans

Choose from the largest selection of unlimited plans in Saskatchewan, with the ability to share full-speed data.

Save an extra $20 per month when you bring your own device! 

Plan includes:

  • Unlimited data with reduced speeds

  • Unlimited Text and Picture Messaging

  • Call Display and Enhanced Voice Mail

totalSHARE Nationwide includes unlimited calling in Canada to Canada and the U.S.

totalSHARE Canada & U.S. includes unlimited calling in Canada & the U.S.

**If you subscribe to the totalSHARE Canada & U.S. or totalSHARE Canada, U.S. & Mexico plan, you must remain on that same plan for the duration of your contract term; however, you can change your data bucket at any time.

50 GB $90 /mo - -
75 GB $95 /mo. $100 /mo. -
100 GB - $110 /mo. -
150 GB - - $125 /mo.

Plus, save $15/mo. on each additional totalSHARE Nationwide, Canada & U.S. totalSHARE Canada, U.S. & Mexico, or VIP 35 plan on your account, when upgrading or adding a new line.

VIP 35 | Exclusive Plan

Available to customers who have maxTV or maxTV Stream and an eligible Internet plan.

Plan includes:

  • 35 GB of full-speed shareable Canada-wide data and unlimited data at reduced speeds*

  • 5 GB of full-speed data in the U.S. and unlimited U.S. data at reduced speeds*

  • Unlimited calling in Canada & the U.S.

  • Unlimited text/pic messaging in Canada & the U.S.

35 GB $85 /mo.

Basic Plans

Keep things simple with 15 GB of data and unlimited calling and texting.

Plan includes:

  • Unlimited text, picture and video messaging

  • Data speeds up to 250 Mbps

  • Additional data is $2 per 100 MB

  • Basic plans are 5G compatible and include Enhanced Voice Mail, Call Display, Call Waiting, Three-Way Calling, and access to selectWI-FI

Basic Nationwide 15 $80 /mo 15 GB of Canada-wide data. Unlimited calling within Canada to Canada & the U.S.
Basic Canada and U.S. 15 $85 /mo. 15 GB of Canada & U.S. data. Unlimited calling within Canada & the U.S.

Mobile Internet

Get access to the internet wherever you need it through a mobile internet device. It's perfect for out at the cabin or in rural homes where wired or fusion internet isn't available.

Plan includes:

  • 5 GB of Canada-wide data

  • Each additional 20 GB of data is $25

  • You can have 1 device on the SaskTel Mobile Internet plan.
  • You can use as much data as you want and your data speed is never slowed down.
  • Your first 5 GB of data is $35 per month (this is the Base Rate). After the first 5 GB, each 20 GB bucket you start using will cost $25.
  • Your Mobile Internet data usage will reset to 0 on your bill date every month.
5GB $35 /mo.
60GB $90 /mo.

Smartwatch Plans

Leave your phone behind and stay connected with just your Apple Watch.

Plan includes:

  • Call or message without your phone in Canada

totalSHARE Watch $10 /mo Available if you have a phone on a totalSHARE or VIP 35 plan. Get an additional 1 GB of full-speed shareable Canada-wide data and unlimited data at reduced speeds*
Smart Data 1 $10 /mo. 1 GB of full-speed Canada-wide data and unlimited data at reduced speeds*

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