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Stream endless entertainment for $19.95/mo.

Available when bundled with Internet.

maxTV Stream packages include TSN and Sportsnet, your local CBC, CTV, Global, and Citytv stations, and much more. Get endless entertainment right in your home, or take it on the go with the SaskTel maxTV App. That’s epic entertainment - at a low monthly price!

With maxTV Stream, you can watch...

WHAT you want

With over 160 channels, maxTV Stream has the best of live TV. Need more? Your media box comes with YouTube and Netflix already installed. And you can load up your box with more apps from the Google Play store.

WHEN you want

Time for a night in? Or maybe a few? Binge your favourite show or rent the latest blockbusters with maxTV On Demand.

WHERE you want

The SaskTel maxTV App lets you watch on your smartphone or tablet anywhere in Canada*, literally anywhere - the car, airport, brunch line-ups, or enjoying lake life. And you\'ll get access to maxTV Go Apps too.


maxTV Stream Features

Restart Live TV

Tuned in late? The Restart TV feature is like having your own time machine. You can restart select programs up to 72 hours after they aired. You never have to miss the big game again! 

TV That Knows You

With maxTV Stream, the more you watch, the more it gets to know you and recommends movies just for you. It's so smart, if two people are logged in, it recommends programs you'll both love.

No Slowing Down

Sharing is a good thing, but not when it comes to your Internet connection. Get maxTV Stream Premium and you don't have to share. Your media boxes will have a separate dedicated Internet connection.

Kid Zone

Get access to tons of kid-friendly shows that are currently airing, along with the on demand TV channels you subscribe to, like Treehouse and Family. Keep the kids entertained for hours!

maxTV Stream Lite

maxTV Stream Lite is a TV-only package that includes over 20 Lite channels available on up to 2 TVs at once for only $25/mo. Then customize your package with Theme Packs and channels. To learn more, call 1.800.SASKTEL or chat live.



maxTV Stream Media Box

Put maxTV Stream on more screens in your home. Add media boxes to watch TV in your living room, bedroom, basement - anywhere!

Easy to set up and easy to use, each maxTV Stream media box package comes with everything you need to get started.

YouTube and Netflix apps come pre-installed on your media box. Add more video and music apps through the Google Play store.

With maxTV Stream, you can watch on 2 media boxes at once – up to 4 with infiNET on maxTV Stream Premium.

Try maxTV Stream risk-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee on media boxes! Financing available.


maxTV Stream Remote

Control your media box through furniture and even walls! With the maxTV Stream Bluetooth remote, you'll never have to find that one "sweet spot" again.

The maxTV Stream Bluetooth remote control doesn't require a direct line of sight, so it works through furniture, walls, and cabinets. You can even use the built-in microphone to search for your favourite shows. Just pair it with your media box and you're ready to go.

The remote package includes: Bluetooth remote control, 2 AA alkaline batteries and user guide.

The maxTV Stream remote control comes with a 30-day manufacturer's warranty.

Terms & Conditions

  • Must have an active maxTV Stream subscription to log into the SaskTel maxTV app.
  • To access the SaskTel maxTV app through your mobile device or tablet, you will need to register for mySASKTEL and link your maxTV Stream account.
  • A total of 5 devices can be logged into the SaskTel maxTV app at the same time, and a maximum of 3 devices can be streaming content at the same time.
  • Residential customers are eligible only. Business customers are not eligible.
  • Data charges may apply when using a wireless network. Check the wireless terms of service with your provider.
  • Due to agreements with content providers, some content that is available on your in-home media box may not be available on the SaskTel maxTV app.

The media box comes with a 30-day manufacturer's warranty. The media box must be returned in original packaging with all components (media box, HDMI cable, and power cable) and the original proof of purchase. If a media box is purchased on a promotion, a $100 fee will be charged if service is disconnected within 6 months.

A household may have up to 7 maxTV Stream media boxes, and a maximum of 2 media boxes (4 with maxTV Stream Premium on infiNET) may be streaming content at the same time.

Media box financing

    • Financing available on a 24-month term.
    • The annual interest rate to finance a media box is 18.17%.
    • The agreement and the total monthly financed amount applies only to the equipment. You must subscribe to and pay for the maxTV Stream service separately.
    • The outright purchase price is only available at time of sale. If you take this equipment financing option, you are obligated to pay for the equipment on the terms of the agreement.

$99 media box offer

      • Limit of 2 media boxes at promotional price per purchase.
      • If customer cancels maxTV Stream, or changes to maxTV Stream Lite or maxTV Stream TV Only, within 6 months from purchase date and keeps any media boxes, a fee of $100 will be billed to customer’s account.
      • Offer is only available to residential customers. Business customers are not eligible.
      • Offer not available to maxTV Stream TV Only or maxTV Stream Lite customers.
      • Offer available for a limited time and may end at any time.

Where It's At

maxTV Stream has launched in over 350 communities across Saskatchewan. SaskTel is rolling out to more locations all the time.

Get maxTV Stream today!

Stream endless entertainment and save!

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