The Wireless Code

We want to make getting your wireless services from SaskTel as easy as possible. We’re committed to meeting and exceeding the guidelines set out by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) in the Wireless Code to make sure that you understand your rights and obligations as a wireless customer.

The CRTC Wireless Code is intended to:

  1. Make it easier for you to obtain and understand the information in your wireless service contracts;
  2. Establish easy to understand business practices for the wireless service industry where necessary; and
  3. Contribute to a more dynamic wireless market.

Key changes to the Wireless Code

On November 28, 2017, the following changes were made as per the CRTC’s review of the Wireless Code:

  • SaskTel devices will be unlocked or we will give customers the means to unlock the device upon request at no charge
  • Data caps will now be applied at the account level instead of per device
  • All devices on the account will be notified when the data cap has been reached
  • The purchase price of data roaming packages and data add-ons, as well as data overages will be included as part of the data cap
  • The account holder (or device user authorized by account holder) will be the only one who can accept additional data charges on their account once a data cap has been reached.

To learn more about the changes to data caps and how to manage your wireless bill please go to

Your rights as a Wireless consumer

The changes the CRTC made are an addition to the existing Wireless Code and do not change your rights.

You can still:

  • Cancel your contract at no cost after a maximum of two years
  • Return your phone at no cost and cancel your contract, within your 15 day trial period and specific usage limits, if you are unhappy with your service
  • Refuse a change to your contract’s key terms and conditions, including the services in your contract, the price for those services, and your contract’s duration
  • A minimum seven-day grace period to “top up” your noSTRINGS Prepaid card account and retain your balance

We will still:

  • Provide your contract and related documents in plain language, so it’s easy to read and understand
    • A Critical Information Summary is supplied which explains your contract in under two pages
  • Clearly describe conditions that apply to your noSTRINGS prepaid balance and how you can check your balance
  • Provide customers who self-declare as having a disability with a copy of their contract in alternative format, and also give them a 30 day trial period to ensure that the service and phone meets their needs

Read the full CRTC Wireless Code checklist

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