We All Suck at Taking Care of our Smartphones

The staff at Battery Boys have a question for you. How many times have you had to replace your iPhone or Android device?

If you’re like a typical Canadian smartphone owner, the chances are you have had to fork over that early device upgrade fee or at last pay the deductible on our warranty at least twice. We don’t just make these numbers up – a national survey was conducted on this topic. Before going any further though and sharing those results, if you do want warranty on any device, come visit one of our 4 Battery Boys stores in Saskatoon and our wireless experts will make sure you’re protected.

According to the survey, nearly half of all Canadians have broken or lost their mobile phone. Not surprising though is it? We didn’t think so. What is a little surprising is that out of those people that have lost or broken their smartphone, almost 60% said they’ve done so multiple times. Everyone knows that person that notoriously just breaks or loses everything they have. It’s more common than you think.


It’s quite simple actually, we all suck at caring for and and ensuring we don’t lose our trusty smartphones. These devices are super valuable and yet for most of us, it’s just something that is bound to break at some point. Pretty crazy considering a lot of us act like these devices are our babies.

So who does it the worst? Well a recent survey was conducted to more than 1000 consumers and the results actually weren’t that surprising. In a nut shell, the millennials get a fail when it comes to caring for their smartphone. Why? The majority of millennials are care-free, clumsy, always active and quite frankly, they don’t pay attention. Did you know that millennials drop their phones twice as many times per week (4 times) as the next generation? Think about that for just a second. Based on that statistic, millennials drop their phones 200 times per year. It’s no wonder why we get so many people coming to us needing to replace their smashed phone screens.

Now for parents of young children, the numbers are quite alarming. But we get it. You have to care for these little rugrats and in doing so, it’s not hard to misplace your phone or crack your screen. The survey shows that parents were more likely to have broken or lost their mobile phone (67%) than mobile device owners without children (38%).

What makes this survey even more fun is reading some of the stories about how people have destroyed their mobile phones. When the respondents were asked about the most embarrassing way they’ve broken their devices, some of the top responses included:

  • Dropping it in water (43 percent) or running it through the wash (42 percent)
  • Throwing it (22 percent)
  • Dropping it out of a window (20 percent)
  • Finding their pet chewing on it (20 percent)
  • Tripping and landing on it (20 percent)

At Battery Boys, we have heard some very interesting stories over the years. One guy smashed his screen because he threw it against the wall after the Toronto Blue Jays lost out int he playoffs. We had a lady come in and tell us about how a cab she hired to bring her home ended up running over her phone. And living in Saskatchewan, there are always the stories where the phone took a dive down the ice fishing hole.

Come on, Saskatoon. It’s time to take better care of our smartphones.

If you have broken your mobile device or tablet, we do have certified repair specialists here at Battery Boys that can help you out. We’re fast, reliable and we offer fair pricing to get you up and running again in no time. Check our our phone repair services here.

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