Top Apps For Working Remotely Amidst a Pandemic

Working remotely can be quite the struggle for both employer and employee.  However, taking into consideration of the current state of the world today with Covid-19 and the ongoing pandemic, more and more employers in Saskatchewan are moving their work staff out of the office and into their homes.  With this comes the issues of staying productive and maintaining communications between team members and clients. Talking with business owners in Saskatoon and area, this is becoming the new normal and so we wanted to provide you with the tools and phone apps to make it as seamless as possible.

Employers are lucky as there are a plethora of mobile apps available geared towards the working remotely arena.  These apps are engineered to help make the task of working online all that much more accessible than previously possible.  After all, who wants work to be more complicated than it already is, right?

Let’s take a look at some areas that these apps can help improve your work-from-home experience.


Of all the areas on this list, communication is the most important for any business.  It can also prove the be the most challenging of all the aspects of working from home.  That is why your team needs a sound communication app that is reliable and dependable.

Google Hangouts

Many businesses looking for an alternative to Skype are turning to Google Hangouts.  This app is a great choice, as it performs very well for those using it for audio or video meetings.  There is also the added convenience that it integrates quite well with the next app on the list, Slack.


Of the current remote work apps out there, Slack is hands down the most popular.  With its real-time application, you can remain in constant touch with your team members or clients during business hours, and beyond.

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When working with large teams and find yourself in need of an app that can allow you to hold meetings with a large number of people, Zoom is the app for you.  Zoom also offers options to broadcast your meetings in real-time or record them for playback at a later date.

Management of Files

Another vital area to be considered when having your team work remotely is the management and distribution of files.  The ability to store your data, and then provide access to others to not only see the information but to edit it as well when needed can be a game-changer for some.


One of the most used of the current file storage apps is that of Dropbox.  This app is free to use, but with a limited amount of space.  You do have the choice of upgrading for more storage if you find you need it.  A simple platform to use, you need only save your files to your dedicated online box, and then share them with your team.  They will be able to both view the data, and edit it, as needed.

Google Drive

The classic that pretty much set the standard for all file management systems that followed.  Google Drive allows users to store and collaborate across such data as spreadsheets and documents, all from the convenience of your Google account.

google drive app


Quip is an app that addresses the one weakness that Google docs has when it comes to file sharing.  Much like Google, the Quip app allows the sharing of files and documents, but it also takes the process one step further.  Quip allows team collaboration in the form of discussion, comments, and accepting and rejecting of versions of files and documents.

Time Tracking

When a freelancer is working remotely from home, they often struggle with a means to accurately track their time.  With this being one of the most vital areas in this whole list, you will need a way to bill your client for the work you have done accurately.  There is also the fact that employers will require you to provide a means of proving the work you did, and the time it took to get it done.

Time Doctor

Not only does the Time Doctor app track a multitude of tasks, but it also aids in keeping you focused and free from distractions such as Facebook and YouTube.  It has the built-in convenience of automatically generating bills for your employers or clients, and smoothly integrates with most of the more popular tools for project management. 


If you are looking for an app that is both simple and clean, then Hours may be the choice for you.  This app offers the convenience of logging all your hours worked into one place.  It also generates such useful data as timelines, reminders, and a variety of reports.  There are no unnecessary bells and whistles with this app, which, if we face it, are just distractions in the long run.


Harvest allows employers to keep an eye on their team’s progress with the added features of running tasks for both team members and clients.  You can also keep track of expenses, process check payments, and always be mindful of your bottom line.  There is also an area for the tracking of timesheets and their approvals.

Management Of Projects

When your team is spread out and distributed to different locations, a project management app is essential to your business.  It can also prove beneficial for freelancers when interacting with their clients.  There are literally hundreds of these apps out there, and what works for one team will not necessarily work for the other.  You will have to test a few and decide on the best one for your team’s needs.


The odds on favorite of larger businesses, this app is both professional and powerful.  It offers impressive layouts and the ability to organize and coordinate your projects across a large amount of team members or clients.


Even those who do not regularly use an app in their everyday work life, are almost assuredly heard of Trello.  Through the use of different boards, Trello is a powerful tool that aids in organizing almost any project—even to-do lists.  Your team members will love working with this app.

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For those freelancers that are looking for both a smart and reliable app for their project management, then Basecamp is your answer.  Super simple to use Basecamp is a handy little tool for easily sharing your projects with both guests and clients.

As more and more companies in Saskatoon and throughout Saskatchewan are finding the need to diversify their workforce through the process of working remotely from home, the use of mobile apps such as these above can make the process all that less daunting.  For employees, these smartphone apps offer the ability to stay organized and focus so that their workdays are productive and as stress-free as possible.

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As more and more companies are finding the need to diversify their workforce through working remotely from home, the use of apps such as these above can make the process all that less daunting.  For employees, the apps offer the ability to stay organized and focus so that their workdays are productive and as stress-free as possible.

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