Smartphone Apps College Students Can’t Live Without

Long gone are the days of university students swinging by Staples to pick up a “day planner” to keep track of their weekly schedule. Smartphones and tablets have essentially eliminated a lot of the inefficiencies students face on a day to day basis. Look around the U of S. It’s very hard to find a student who does not use technology or an innovative gadget to help them be a better student!

Let’s face it, we can’t imagine our lives without smartphones and laptops. They help us in solving various problems from getting up on time (alarm clocks) to checking grammar mistakes in our academic papers and business reports. We also use them as calculating tools to make our life less complicated.

There are obviously thousands of apps (both Android and Apple) out there targeted at university students. But in this blog post, we are going to focus on those apps that can boost your studying, and your grades. Here are 5 apps that Bolt Mobile highly recommends and you shouldn’t live without.


  1. Feedly

Life is busy. We get it. When you’re not out enjoying the night life in Saskatoon, you’re trying to get some good grades and get an education. It’s tough to keep track of everything around you. On top of everything else, maybe you even have a part-time job. So how can you stay in the loop with everything feeling like a whirl wind? Feedly.

Feedly solves that problem for you. This app won’t help with the assignments but maybe it will keep you sane if you’re one of those people that needs to be in the know.

It compresses all the news for you in one feed. All you have to do is select what news you would like to receive. That’s it. Every time something interesting happens, you will get a notification. How’s that for an easy way of keeping up with everything?



  1. Scribd

Let’s be honest, there was at least one time when you weren’t able to find an important book. You got creative with it and had to snap pictures of an entire book so you can study. Been there, done that.

Well, you can forget those dark days because Scribd is here for you now. It is one of the world’s biggest online libraries. It helps students just like you find millions of documents and books that are very important to help with your studies.

But it doesn’t end there. The best part is that you can create your own library with different notes, texts, and even books. You have likely been in a situation where a friend has stepped up and helped you with an assignment, essay, exam, etc. Now you can pay them back. You can share that library with your friends who have helped you. Karma has it’s rewards.



  1. Photomath

Oh, those math equations. They are the worst. And somehow you always end up having homework with the hardest equations in the textbook to tackle. Was that a coincidence? Or did the professor intentionally make you struggle to solve them? No one will ever know.

And that’s the reason why Photomath is here on this list. With this app, you can become a real magician and solve any math problem. Just point the camera of your smartphone towards a problem and Photomath will immediately show you a step-by-step solution. It will be of great help when you want to check your homework and have a better understanding of the solution algorithm.



  1. EasyBib

Building citations for your papers can be incredibly frustrating and very time consuming. Besides learning the MLA or APA style to format these pesky citations, many actually find it the worst part about essay writing.

EasyBib is your saving grace! All you have to do is enter the title of the book and Viola! You will have a list of all the right citations in front of your face. Now all you have to do is copy those citations in your bibliography and be on your merry way to submit that essay.



  1. iHomework

The iHomework app ($1) makes organization a cinch. Use it to keep track of assignments, readings, courses, teachers, and schedules. Even better: you can set alarms for your homework and be notified of upcoming deadlines.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.



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