ZTE Connect Hub 5G

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The ZTE Connect Hub 5G provides high-speed internet and connects all your devices in one easy-to-use hub. The omnidirectional antenna creates a 360° dual-band Wi-Fi coverage area that connects up to 30 Wi-Fi devices to 5G internet speeds. The voice port makes it easy to connect any desktop phone to it.

Mobile Internet Plans

Get access to the internet wherever you need it through a mobile internet device. It’s perfect for out at the cabin or in rural homes where wired or fusion internet isn’t available.

  • Each additional 20 GB of data is $25
  • You can have 1 device on the SaskTel Mobile Internet plan.
  • Your Mobile Internet data usage will reset to 0 on your bill date every month.

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Contract Terms

Plus Pricing – Two Year Data Only, Two Year Data Only, No Contract

ZTE Connect Hub 5G