Caseco Core 360 Magnetic Universal Phone Mount Holder


Caseco Core 360 Magnetic Universal Phone Mount Holder


Caseco Core 360 Magnetic Universal Phone Mount Holder

  • World’s smallest magnetic car mount.
  • The Caseco Core 360 Magnetic Car Mount is the perfect phone holder for your car.
  • It docks your Samsung & iPhone devices to your dashboard in a snap.
  • Visible, accessible, and right where you need it.
  • 360 degree rotation with tilt view 30 degrees to either side.
  • Metal ring (non-magnetic) attaches to your phone or hard case.

The Core 360 phone holder includes high quality 3M VHB adhesives and a powerful heavy duty neodymium magnet for secure and durable hold. Make sure that your android or iPhone Smartphone will stay in place even while driving fast on uneven roads.

The advanced design of this amazing magnetic car holder offers you a full 360 rotation, in both vertical and horizontal position while it can also be tilted. Keep an eye on your GPS or answer your calls hands-free, and drive with utmost safety. This handy holder is definitely a lifesaver for Uber and Lyft drivers.

Thanks to its smart design, the Core 360 comes with a Tilting action. This ensures that no matter where you install this holder, your device will always be facing you for easier access. This helps focus on the road for a safer driving experience.

This small phone holder comes with a screw at the bottom which makes it easier for anyone to adjust the tightness of the tilt-view function. So, if you have a heavier device, don’t worry, Core 360 can be tightened to hold heavy loads too.

Unlike similar products that use magnetic rings for your phone that can demagnetize your credit cards causing you serious problems, this smart holder provides a metal ring that is not a magnet. The ring is ultra thin and almost invisible. It can be applied to any case or directly to any phone up to 1.3 LBS.

Caseco Core 360 Magnetic Universal Phone Mount Holder